King Will Dragon 8mm Mens Celtic Dragon Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring Black/Gold/Rose Gold/Blue/Green



Product Description

The King Will DRAGON Collection

Celtic Dragon Culture
A mythical dragon thought to be a celtic symbol of magic and power. It was believed that the dragon was created when the first living cell was born from the earth, and the sky fertilized it with the wind and water. Because of this, the dragon is associated with the energies of the earth. They act as guardians of wisdom and knowledge, possessing great vision and the power of prophecy. 
QUALITY – Its great quality, durable and scratch resistant that goes with any outfit you wear.
PERSONAL – We take time to design a service card and nice packing for each products, making it amazing and personal.

About King Will

King Will was registered by Global Mainland Intl LLC in early 2014 but our own studio was founded in early 20th century. As a jeweler, we are young but we are very experienced in jewelry processing and production. At the very beginning, we do all the jewelries like cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. However, because of one single case, we decided to focus on the wedding bands.
In November 2014, a customer sent us an e-mail said that she was attracted to one of our ring and want it to be her husband’s wedding band. At that time, there’s no stock of that specific ring. But she was so urged that she kept asking us when would it be available. We couldn’t understand why she is so persistent as we have many other styles and a lot of competitors. Then we heard the romantic but cruel story:
She got cancer and only have 6 months to live. Before the grievous news, she was promised to marry her beloved person. For this vow, they planned their wedding in a very limited time. Hoping to leave her husband the best memories in the last time of her life. They finally chose her birthday as their wedding date but did not expect that the ring they fall in love with is out of stock.
We were deeply moved, and made the ring exclusively for her with our best wishes. Her name is engraved on this ring. And we can imaging that every time the husband see it, he’ll remember the time they were together, the vow they made and the happiness they had.
We realized that, unknowingly, many people chose King Will ring as their wedding bands. We also received their feedback and stories. Our rings witness their happiness and remind them to keep their promises and enjoy the life. This sense of accomplishment is far greater than the benefits. So we change our strategy, only focus on wedding band from 2015.
I will take you to be my wife; to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, so long as we both shall live. All this I vow and promise.   – King Will, The Vow Keeper

Excellent Tungsten carbide ring with super comfortable innerface, gives you a cozy feeling in daily.
Ideal gift for all occasions, perfect choice for your wedding ring replacement.
King Will’s jewelry box, save your giftwrap service fee, and help you store the ring much safer & longer.
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