His and Hers Gibeon Meteorite, Dino Bone 7mm Comfort-Fit Titanium Band and 10k White Gold Rough Diamond, Dinosaur Bone Ring



The beauty of a diamond is that it is the perfect expression of your special story. A diamond reflects the rarity, brilliance and breathtaking fire of a gem that has survived a journey of billions of years for the pleasure of adornment.Dinosaur Bone an Enduring Classic Also known as Gembone, it is the fossil of animal bone that contains gem quality minerals. Gembone specimens can be traced back to dinosaurs who roamed the earth around 150 million years ago.Out of this World Gibeon Meteorite fell in prehistoric times in Namibia, Africa. The meteorite created a debris field 171 miles long by 62 miles wide. In a chain of events the asteroid to fell out of its orbit around the Sun and eventually settled on a collision course with Earth.Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated; it represents perfection in all things. Because of its resistance to heat and acid, it is a symbol of stability and eternity.Comfort-Fit bands have a rounded interior, allowing them to glide over knuckles easier; they don’t pinch and sit on the finger more comfortably than other rings. It may feel slightly larger as comfort-fit rings are thicker inside-center.Choosing the right size for your custom rings is as important as the style. Titanium cannot be re-sized due to its hardness. Part of the customization process for you is a purr-fect fit. After ordering, sizer rings are crafted in the same size and width as ordered; ships approx. 3 to 8 business days. Upon size verification production of your handmade ring begins.FOOTNOTES: Need a Different SIZE or WIDTH? Email for Availability (Quarter Sizes and Different Widths Available)
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Hand-Crafted Rings Ship Approx. 30 Days After Size Verification
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MEASUREMENTS Left to Right: Women’s: .75 Millimeters 10k White Gold, 2.00 Millimeters Partial Dinosaur Bone, .75 Millimeters 10k White Gold; Men’s: 2.00 Millimeters Gibeon Meteorite, .50 Millimeters Titanium, 2.00 Millimeters Dinosaur Bone, .50 Millimeters Titanium, 2.00 Millimeters Gibeon Meteorite
RING SIZER: Due to the Exotic Materials and the Hardness of Titanium Ring Cannot be Resized; Upon Ordering You will be Shipped Two Plastic Sizing Rings to Verify the Size is Purr-Fect, Sizing Ring will Ship in 3 to 10 Days
AUTHENTICITY GUARANTY All Dinosaur Gem Bones are Genuine, Certificate of Authenticity Included with Order; LIFETIME Meteorite Ring Protection: Complimentary Cleaning and Re-Etching of Ring (Normally a $75.00 Purchase)
HAPPILY HANDCRAFTED in the USA Especially for You; Ships Approx. 30 Business Days after Size Verification


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