Gold Leaves Women’s Earrings




Handmade leave’s design earrings made of 100% brass. Handmade jewellery, each imperfection of this jewellery guarantees its uniqueness. A vintage style designed by lovers of travel and experience. Vestopazzo proposes a lifestyle inspired by the places visited in trips, experiences and readings that aim at respect and sustainability to have a better world. Brass is a collection based on use of brass, a material that arise by the fusion of zinc and copper, unique for its flexibility. The brass’s charm is it can be wrapped by designs creating an elegant accessory shaped by the hand of craftsman. Each piece is created manually, unique and imperfect and for that reason they are even more precious.
– Brass is free from lead and nickel, making it great for those that suffer from metal allergies.
– Salt water resistant
– Crafted & Designed in Italy
– Fashion design simple and elegant


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