DovEggs Sterling Silver,2ct 8mm G-H-I Color Moissanite Engagement Brilliant Ring for Women



Product story:

Platinum and silver color intersection, Feel the romance of both hands, the ring on the seal of the secret language,
so simple style becomes mysterious, body Will be one of the double flavor.

Yes,I do. “Blessing, the boy and the girl exchange the ring, she wants to care for him every moment, he wants that was guarding her life.

Yes, I am willing, not a fleeting note, but with the old agreement. Hold your son Hand, sensing each other’s heartbeat, so that this agreement never regret, close the heart, immersed in the happy ocean.

Propaganda: meet is doomed, spend is the agreement

DovEggs Heart Arrows Excellent cut – designed to maximize the beautiful brilliance of the Moissanite at the same time keeps very good or excellent cut diamond appearance.
G-H-I color moissanite will not look very obviously yellow.Ring setting metal is Sterling Silver.Does not contain nickel, will not be allergic to the skin.
DovEggs aims at only forever quality jewelry both for stones and crafting workmanship.This DovEggs sterling silver selection is most earnest/selected quality with our time’s most advanced technology of special environmental plating and would be almost as enduring as karat gold.
All of our fine Jewelry will come with a limited lifetime warranty.DovEggs lifetime warranty and exchange is based on manufacturing defects , not abuse or misuse.


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