0.12 CT to 0.35 CT Solitaire 14k White Gold Diamond Earrings (KLMN,I3/I4) Martini Setting




Real and Natural Diamonds
Not lab created and not man made
Promo category is of promotional and commercial quality
These earrings are always in fashion and make a perfect accessory that looks great on any outfit. These diamond studs will make a splendid addition to any jewelry collection. 14k Gold inscription on the studs.
The diamonds are set in a 4-prong crown with utmost precision and has push-friction-backs
We only use real 14k gold for all our items
Comes in a beautiful box at no extra cost
We will also include a beautiful jewelry pouch with all our items
We offer FREE SHIPPING throughout the USA!
Higher value items are also insured for shipping at no extra cost.
We believe in maintaining the best customer relationship and providing the best value for the buck.
We appreciate customer feedback on the new safety lock backing pair which ships free with this item. This will ensure your precious earrings will always be secured.
We do not compromise on quality.
All our jewelry is made in USA
No additional taxes on the listed price.
Setted in 14k White Gold 3-prong crown setting and has push-friction-backs
0.14 ct is 2.5 MM DIAMOND SIZE EACH. Images have been zoomed in for design clarity
Comes with extra pair of secure lock nuts, a beautiful box and pouch at no extra cost
14k Gold Inscribed. Made in USA


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